Friday, October 28, 2011

Senior Rep Cards

These are our Senior Rep Cards and a sample of the 3X3 cards we have available for purchase!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Curry Allen - Model

Curry needed some modeling head shots, and this was a really fun, different, challenging shoot for me. Dawn LeCoq came to be my lighting assistant (the same Dawn that I've done 4 photo shoots for!) and we had fun finding different poses and trying to keep from making Curry laugh during his serious face poses. Here are some of my favorites.

Tiffany and Derek - Engagement

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What to Wear! (by Callie)

11:05 AM
by Callie
Tis the season for family portraits!  And the big question is, "What do we wear?" It seems like everyone has trouble on what the best thing to wear is. For a while there everyone had the family portrait of everyone wearing white button up shirts with either jeans or khakis. Now the trend is moving towards more of a coordination theme instead of matching. I really think that these non-matchy family portraits turn out so much better. When everyone is wearing the same thing, it seems like family members lose their personality in the picture. By not requiring everyone to wear the exact same thing, the picture seems more like a realistic shot of the family.
The best thing about not matching exactly is you probably already have something for everyone at home. 

So where to start? The first thing is to pick a color palette. Choose a few colors that go well together. Some popular ones I have seen are: Pink ,Grey and Navy, Yellow and Grey, fall colors such as browns, oranges and reds. Or, you could choose one color and look for different shades of that color that go together. Another idea is that one person can wear a print, and then you can pull everyone else's outfit colors from that print. Basically, you'll want to look like you go together but that you are not twins.

Next, consider the style and season. For this you need to decide whether you want your pictures formal or informal. You don’t want one person in jeans and someone else in a formal dress. Also, everyone should be dressed for the same season. When everyone has  the same style, the pictures make more sense.

Something else I've seen that I really like is to use layering!  It helps draw interest to the picture.  Accessorize with scarves, jewelry, vests, etc. Big headbands for little girls are definitely in style right now. When you add accessories, it helps pull everything together and everyone looks more polished.

To sum it up, think about the color palette, choose your style, consider the season, add on some layers, and you're done!

Tara's take on what to wear - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...
 Here are of my favorite examples from some of our recent shoots...

Below are some links for outfit inspiration!
An easy way to find ideas is to google "what to wear for a family shoot" and look at the images!
Happy Planning!
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