Monday, September 26, 2011

Dawn and Alan - Trash the Dress

Believe it or not, Alan and Dawn's trash the dress session was done in the town of Central, Louisiana! It's not a place I would have ever imagined there being a beautiful white-sand beach, but we found one, thanks to a friend of mine who pulled some strings for us to use her aunt's private property. Many mosquito bites and lots of hiking later, this is what we came up with (or at least a few of them.) Dawn and Alan have been throughout my time working with them the most adventurous couple I've ever shot, and are always willing to do anything I come up with. Dawn, I haven't forgotten about that airplane shoot! TM


dawn said...

yea- my serious face is actually a goofy looking face!

we really need to do the airplane! maybe for our one year???

Velma said...

These are awesome!!! I am so proud of ya'll 3. What ya'll bring together is such a gift. Thank you Tara for your gift to capture and bring out the moments that will live forever. Thank you Dawnie and Alan for the beauty and spontaneity you have...even in those goffy moments, ya'll are amazing!!

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