Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beginner's photography workshop- September 11th, 2-7 pm, St. Francisville

Do you have a new "fancy" camera but need to learn how to use it? Check out our Sunday afternoon Beginner's Photography Workshop on September 11th, 2011. It's designed for people who have digital SLR cameras (the "fancy" digital cameras) but want to know how to use them better.

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Sunday September 11th, 2-7 pm, $125 ($95 for your 2nd person)

During the three hours of the workshop, Tara will cover the basics of how to take better pictures. This includes learning to "see" better pictures, understanding and using your camera's capabilities, learning about some equipment that can make your photos go from good to great, using the best lighting situations, choosing locations, and how to use a few very basic Adobe Photoshop tricks to make your pictures what you want them to be. You will also take home a booklet of all class notes to review after you go home. We will stop in between each section of classroom time to do a hands-on activity to practice the concept that we just learned.

During the last two hours of the workshop, all class attendees will move outside and photograph actual people outdoors on the grounds of the beautiful Victorian of the Felicianas.
This is an opportunity to apply what you learned in the classroom setting during the previous two hours. Tara will show you how to find locations, see and use available light, decide when to use flash, how to frame a picture, pose your subject, and avoid common mistakes, and then she will give you a few assignments to practice. You will get time to practice taking better pictures, ask questions, and brainstorm with fellow attendees.

Cameras are not required, but you will learn more if you have one there in front of you. You will benefit most by bringing a digital SLR camera (one that will let you change lenses and has at least controls for shutter speed and aperture.)

A light snack will be provided.

Questions? Call Tara Morris 225-634-7229 or email her at tara@taramariephoto.com

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