Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A typical Tuesday for me - St. Francisville Photographer

6:00 sleeping
6:20 Josh jumps on me and says "Are you gonna get up?" (I mumble "I don't know")
6:40 Josh drags my legs off the side of the bed, and since my lower half is heavier than my top half, it forces me to stand up. I go get 1/2 cup of strong coffee with loads of sugar & cream.
6:47 Josh says "I got to git." (interpretation- I must go to work now.)
I say a slurred "Noooooooo, stay five more minutes and talk to me." But as I start talking to him, he walks out the door.
7:00 My coffee kicks in and I finally wake up. Make the bed, read my bible, head to the garden. Pick vegetables and let the chickens out.
7:45 Come in and get a shower
8:00 Get June up, dressed, and give her milk.
8:25 Take June to the babysitter
9:00 Get back to the house, start a load of dishes in the dishwasher
9:15ish- eat a bowl of cereal at my desk while checking emails- reply to as many as possible, write a few, and make Emily's to-do list for the day.
10:15 Begin editing, phone calls, put batteries on to charge
11:45 Get a snack and walk outside, make a phone call or two
12:00 Continue working
1:30 Get some lunch
2:00 Editing, phone calls, check emails again, uploading, etc
2:30 Wish I had a fountain diet coke machine closer than 12 miles away (the closest store is 12 miles.)
3:00 Get some water or tea instead, and keep editing, trying to push through the tiredness
4:30 Get ready and loaded for the photo shoot
5:00 Leave for the 5:30 engagement shoot
5:30 Engagement shoot
7:30 Hurry home to get the purple hull peas I picked this week, then drive to my in-laws house to scarf down leftovers and watch White Collar, my favorite (and only) tv show, while shelling peas. We don't have a TV. More on that later...
8:00 Play with June for 20 minutes before she goes to bed, begin watching White Collar
9:00 Stay there while Josh watches Covert Affairs- continue shelling peas.
10:00 Get June out of her bed at the in-laws' house to go home
10:15 Feed the horses & chickens, talk to Josh for 15 minutes
10:30 Load the dishwasher, clean the kitchen, or some other sort of housework.
11:00 Lay in bed and read Pioneer Woman's blog.
11:15 Fall asleep

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Margen said...

Sounds like my life- crazy!!! :) It was great catching up with you-the other day- we must not lose touch! Oh and my Boyfriend doesn't have TV either...

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