Monday, June 27, 2011

Cast your vote and win....

So, here's the deal with Dawn's St. Francisville, LA bridal portraits- her fiance, Alan, wanted a "picture of her by a tree." So, that's what she initially chose for her 16x20 mounted print that comes with the bridal session. However, out of all the pictures we took that day, I disliked the tree pictures most, because they looked like everyone else's bridal pictures! I thought there were some MUCH better prints to choose from. 

So, I called Dawn and told her about it, and she agreed cheerfully that I could help her choose the large portrait to display at the wedding. I narrowed it down to 7 to choose from. So here's where you come in:

Which one would you have chosen???
Which one do you think I chose? (If you saw it at the wedding, no cheating!)
There will be more on choosing a wall portrait later this month in my email newsletter (Sign up for that on the left side of the blog), but for now, cast your vote! On next Tuesday (July 5th) I will randomly select a person who gets the right picture that I chose for a free 11x14 print of their choice.



Jenny said...

I would have chosen number 2, so I will go with that one... my other guess was 7 but gonna stick with 2... :)

taramariephotography said...

Jenny, you are correct! I was hoping I didn't accidentally give it away- number 2 was the only one in 16x20 (4x5) format. The others were all in 4x6 format.
You WON! Thanks for voting.

Anonymous said...

and it is so awesome in a larger print! im pretty impressed with the wall photo too!!

1 09 10