Monday, June 27, 2011

Cast your vote and win....

So, here's the deal with Dawn's St. Francisville, LA bridal portraits- her fiance, Alan, wanted a "picture of her by a tree." So, that's what she initially chose for her 16x20 mounted print that comes with the bridal session. However, out of all the pictures we took that day, I disliked the tree pictures most, because they looked like everyone else's bridal pictures! I thought there were some MUCH better prints to choose from. 

So, I called Dawn and told her about it, and she agreed cheerfully that I could help her choose the large portrait to display at the wedding. I narrowed it down to 7 to choose from. So here's where you come in:

Which one would you have chosen???
Which one do you think I chose? (If you saw it at the wedding, no cheating!)
There will be more on choosing a wall portrait later this month in my email newsletter (Sign up for that on the left side of the blog), but for now, cast your vote! On next Tuesday (July 5th) I will randomly select a person who gets the right picture that I chose for a free 11x14 print of their choice.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A typical Tuesday for me - St. Francisville Photographer

6:00 sleeping
6:20 Josh jumps on me and says "Are you gonna get up?" (I mumble "I don't know")
6:40 Josh drags my legs off the side of the bed, and since my lower half is heavier than my top half, it forces me to stand up. I go get 1/2 cup of strong coffee with loads of sugar & cream.
6:47 Josh says "I got to git." (interpretation- I must go to work now.)
I say a slurred "Noooooooo, stay five more minutes and talk to me." But as I start talking to him, he walks out the door.
7:00 My coffee kicks in and I finally wake up. Make the bed, read my bible, head to the garden. Pick vegetables and let the chickens out.
7:45 Come in and get a shower
8:00 Get June up, dressed, and give her milk.
8:25 Take June to the babysitter
9:00 Get back to the house, start a load of dishes in the dishwasher
9:15ish- eat a bowl of cereal at my desk while checking emails- reply to as many as possible, write a few, and make Emily's to-do list for the day.
10:15 Begin editing, phone calls, put batteries on to charge
11:45 Get a snack and walk outside, make a phone call or two
12:00 Continue working
1:30 Get some lunch
2:00 Editing, phone calls, check emails again, uploading, etc
2:30 Wish I had a fountain diet coke machine closer than 12 miles away (the closest store is 12 miles.)
3:00 Get some water or tea instead, and keep editing, trying to push through the tiredness
4:30 Get ready and loaded for the photo shoot
5:00 Leave for the 5:30 engagement shoot
5:30 Engagement shoot
7:30 Hurry home to get the purple hull peas I picked this week, then drive to my in-laws house to scarf down leftovers and watch White Collar, my favorite (and only) tv show, while shelling peas. We don't have a TV. More on that later...
8:00 Play with June for 20 minutes before she goes to bed, begin watching White Collar
9:00 Stay there while Josh watches Covert Affairs- continue shelling peas.
10:00 Get June out of her bed at the in-laws' house to go home
10:15 Feed the horses & chickens, talk to Josh for 15 minutes
10:30 Load the dishwasher, clean the kitchen, or some other sort of housework.
11:00 Lay in bed and read Pioneer Woman's blog.
11:15 Fall asleep

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rebekah Bridals - St. Francisville photographer

Rebekah's bridals were taken at Afton Villa gardens in St. Francisville, LA. Afton Villa gardens are all that is left of what used to be a plantation. Loads of people visit the gardens in the summertime. In my opinion, Afton Villa has the best oak alley entryway of anywhere I've seen in St. Francisville. The azaleas are gorgeous in the springtime too.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jessica Baranco Bridals - Desert Plantation, St. Francisville photographer

Jessica and Ryan's wedding was this past weekend, so we're now allowed to post her bridal pictures with her awesome dress. It was SOO lacy and feminine. I feel like I'm becoming a wedding dress fanatic. My favorites are the ones that are a little bit different. Of course, each one is different, but I really like the ones that have something special that makes them stand out. I think my favorite part about this one was obviously the lace, but also the way the lace silhouette stood out against the wood floor at Desert Plantation.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daniel & Katie - Wedding. St Francisville Wedding Photographer

These two young people were soooo cute and adventurous! It's not every day that I get to photograph such young and energetic subjects. Their wedding was at Kiroli Park in West Monroe, LA. One EXTREMELY interesting note- this is MY wedding dress!!!!!! I had forgotten how much I LOVE it!! I'm so glad Katie wanted to wear it for her wedding.

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