Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snotty photographers

One summer of college, I worked at the Grand Canyon National Park. The only photo equipment that came with me was my old film Pentax camera, the only photo equipment I owned at the time. Every day during the summers, professional photographers would set up at the porch of the El Tovar hotel to sell their pictures. I was always amazed at their skill, but they were SO INTIMIDATING! I mean, they were so much better than me, and there's no way I'd ever be that good, and why would they ever want to talk to me?

After weeks of thinking like this, I came up with one burning question about my camera (which I don't remember now), gathered all the courage I could muster, and went up to one of the photographers. I showed him my camera, asked my sincere question, and waited. You know what he said? "We are selling a lot of pictures right now, and I don't have time to talk right now. You'll have to come back later."

I was crushed!!
In the history of my self-taught-ness of photography, I've run into a few photographers like this, who don't share information, and who don't want to give away the "trade secrets" of their photography. Each time, I was hurt, and vowed to NEVER be like that.

Let me be clear- I have no secrets. There is nothing that I do in my pictures that you can't do too with enough practice and effort. I wasn't born with this "skill"- I learned it.

So that's why I'm offering this photography class. If you want to learn how to do better with the camera you have, take the class, and I promise not to make you feel stupid or blow you off, no matter what your skill level is. And, I promise not to break your pocketbook for this information.

Any questions? Give me a call. 225-634-7229 or shoot me an email.

Assignment for the week- Take a picture of something yellow, outdoors, at sunset. :) Tell me how it goes.

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