Monday, September 13, 2010

4 ways to change exposure

So I've talked about the different settings on your camera dial and what they mean. And, I've talked about ISO. So now, here's a summary of five things that can affect your photo's exposure (the lightness or darkness of the picture). Beware, though. Each of these has a "BUT"- a downside to using them.
1. ISO. The higher it is, the lighter the picture. (BUT higher ISO also makes a grainier picture)
2. Shutter speed. The lower it is, the lighter the picture. (BUT low shutter speed can make a blurry picture)
3. Aperature. The lower it is, the lighter the picture. (BUT, the lower the aperature, less of your picture will be in focus.)

4. Existing light available (called AMBIENT light.) The more light that's available, obviously the lighter your picture can be.
5. Flash used or not. Using a flash makes more light.

OK, hopefully you knew these last two, but I'm just pointing them out. And notice that these two don't particularly have a "BUT' attached. (he he). These two, existing light and flash, are in my opinion two of the easiest to apply and control.


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