Thursday, August 19, 2010

New custom Wedding CD cases and photo tip 1.

Nikki and Michael Harvey were the first to receive the new custom wedding CD case. I found these through my photo lab, and they add such a neat element to the wedding CD. I'm loving it! Note- these are for wedding CDs only.

Also, here is a new series of photo tips for the beginner, intermediate, or anyone else who wants to know more about photography. It's focused toward anyone who has a digital SLR, but some of the tips will apply to people with a point-and-shoot (the little cameras that fit into a purse or pocket). Please don't have high expectations of these- I am a self-taught photographer, and will be giving tips in the manner that I learned them, and how my dysfunctional brain understands them.

I personally have three cameras that I use regularly. 1. The Canon Rebel- this was my first digital SLR, purchased in 2006. I use this as my backup camera and my outdoor dirty area camera. 2. The Canon 5D (the first version, not the 5D Mark II). This is my primary photography camera. 3. The Canon PowerShot SX120IS. This is my little point-and-shoot that I carry in my purse for those times when June is smiling so cute because she's dirtying her diaper, or when my horse is grabbing the water hose with his mouth and biting little holes into it that will later come back to haunt me.

Photo tip for the day- To begin having more control over your pictures, learn to shoot on manual. However, don't do it all at once. I recommend starting slowly. First, take your camera from the green "auto" setting to the "P" setting. As you master "P", move to "S", then to "A", and then eventually to "M". Here's what all these mean:
*The green "Auto" setting- controls everything for you, including whether or not the camera flash is used.
*P- Camera controls everything except whether or not the flash is used.
*S- Camera controls everything except the shutter speed. Shutter speed controls the lightness/darkness of the photo.
*A- Camera controls everything except the aperture. Aperture controls the size of the hole that opens to take the picture, which affects two things- the exposure (lightness/darkness) and also the amount of the picture that is in focus.
*M- Manual- YOU control everything (evil-mad-scientist-laugh).



Paula said...

I am going to LOVE these tips!

Royal Rose Photography said...

what photo lab do you use! I love the look on this! Cant find anything close to this! Just leather covers....

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