Thursday, April 29, 2010

Senior 2010- Lydia

Lydia, a senior at Zachary, came and did her senior portraits with me in a location I'd been wanting to shoot at- some really colorful buildings on the side of the highway in Slaughter, LA.

Lately I've been thinking about the influence of positive thinking, which leads to positive words, which leads to positive actions- not only on ourselves, but it also rubs off onto the other people we're around. Being positive is something I strive for every day, because frankly, the opposite is no fun for anyone! It's not that bad things, worrying, bad moods, and general grouchiness never happen. But, we are able to choose who we share those with and how we let it influence our day. I challenge each of my two readers (or more, if you're out there), to not let any negative words come out of your mouth, and see how it affects your day today....



Jenny said...

:) thanks for being my positive person to speak to every day, it is MUCH appreciated!

Rachel. said...

I love the one of her standing in the door frame, actually I really like both of the ones in front of the door. Very nice!

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