Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jessie [super] Sweet

These are a small sample of Jessie's senior pictures, taken all over Central, LA. Jessie, I must thank you being willing to do anything, for being so gorgeous, and for choosing me to do your senior pictures.

I think I fell in love with this old Ford truck during the photo shoot. My first vehicle was a 1972 Chevrolet, faded gold, stick-shift, long wheel base, 3/4 ton truck that sounded like a school bus when it ran. My dad and I worked a little bit on it and got it running. Then I blew up the motor. Oops. After the new motor, I continued to drive it during high school, with all of its 11 miles per gallon. The inside of my truck always smelled like old gas, which is why I think I love this Ford so much- the inside smelled just like that.

Thanks, Kylie, for being such a great wardrobe helper/light holder/entertainer!

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Kaylynn Marie Photog Blog said...

whoa whoa whoa.....!!

These are rocking. I LOVE the one with her in between the door&truck, and the one where you used the mirror. Fantastic.

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