Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More from the No Man Is An Island- other photographers

It has been one busy week, and it's only Tuesday morning! The pictures from other photographers who attended the No Man Is An Island shoot have been rolling in. I think Sarah Backstrom deserves the "1st to Submit" prize- a cup of free pine pollen from my house, which has been accumulating on everything I own that lives outside. OK, Sarah, if you don't want the pollen, you can have my firstborn child. But only when it's crying, and only for a few minutes.

Here are some links to others' blogs where they've posted pictures from the shoot. Enjoy, but please don't steal their pictures by right clicking. Photographers, just like lawyers and factory workers, have to feed their children and dogs and such. Or in my case, horses and chickens...

Sarah Backstrom Photography
Catherine Guidry Photography
Filpo Photography
Jessi Arnold Photography

Our models were Kelly Stone, Lyndsey Curtis, Jordan Hubbard, and Brant Gautreau

Also, here is a list of our vendors who helped us out by providing either clothing, a location, jewelry, accessories, or other things....

The Glynns (our gorgeous location)- Contact Ashleigh at the Carriage House Restaurant
Jared at Ooh La La- Provided most of the hair and makeup for the models
Alexandra's- provided dresses and clothing for Lyndsey and Jordan
Pretty Woman Boutique- provided jewelry for the girls
Gary Blanchard Jewelers- provided wedding jewelry for Lyndsey and Brant
GiGi's Designs- provided handbags for the girls
After Five Tuxedo Co.- Provided the tux and shoes for Brant

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