Friday, January 1, 2010

Nikki and Michael - ( St Francisville Photographer )

Nicole and Michael came out to do their engagement portraits at my house, and brought all four of their babies- Scruffy, Jack, Shorty, and Sally- to join them in the photo shoot. Little did we know they would cause so much adventure. As many know, I do not at this time do child photography. This was just as much of a challenge as photographing four young children, though! Thank goodness Nicole and Michael were so photogenic and cooperative, and willing to do anything!

First, we tried getting all four of the dogs together to sit by Nicole and Michael for their shoot. Sally, the blue heeler, apparently loved to have her picture taken, but the others were too busy exploring elsewhere.

Jack, the jack russell terrier, was quite inspired by the cheese in my pocket, and liked to cuddle with Nicole. Shorty was a bit more shy than the rest, and she even went under the house for a little while. Scruffy found some fresh horse poop in the green pasture and rolled in it. However, they all four loved to be close to their owners, and we finally got some cute pictures of them taking a walk together in the pasture!

Once we put the dogs in a stall in the barn, we humans continued with the photo shoot to get some romantic sunset pics of Nikki and Michael.

They invented a "90-10" pose from the movie Hitch!

To end the afternoon, we came back to their car, loaded up all four dogs, and shut the door while we finished up some details. Apparently, Jack had decided he wanted to drive the other three dogs home, because he locked his owners out of the car! After some time and the use of a coat hanger, Michael was able to re-direct Jack's plans. Overall, we had a great time (as usual) with this photo shoot.

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