Monday, October 26, 2009

Diana and Gene, Marble Falls, TX

The reception was filled with warm conversation, dancing, wine, and laughter! My favorite pieces of decoration were the colorful paper lanterns hung everywhere, glowing just enough light for us to eat. River City Grill did a fabulous job of catering the event.

Then on to the ceremony, where a lost strap was no big deal to anyone. The officiant was a friend who became ordained just so he could marry Diana and Gene.

The night began with Diana getting ready, and then a cocktail hour for all the guests to get to know each other.

All of the little girls who came to the wedding were given a cute little ballerina princess skirt to wear, just for fun. They all felt so pretty, and they did a little dance for everyone just before the sunset ceremony.

Diana and Gene have been some of the most generous and thoughtful people I've ever photographed. Every time we had a phone conversation, Diana ended up turning the conversation to what's going on with me, instead of herself! Gene has been known to help me over the phone with my computer difficulties, and always is extremely happy to do anything needed. This generosity showed during the wedding. They set up a table for the kids to entertain themselves, including stickers, markers, and coloring pages. They put one together for Diana that described her well!

Diana and Gene were married at a gorgeous lakeside camp near Kingsland, TX. Diana put so much time and effort into planning this intimate destination wedding, and it showed. Diana actually sewed the napkins, labeled the favors, and made some of the candles! She's the one who introduced me to ETSY . She, Gene, and friends came one week early to central Texas to take care of all the details to make it perfect for the guests.

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Diana Kivlighn said...

LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Thanks so much Tara!!! You're so wonderful! I'll be sending this to lots of people. They'll all be excited!!! Going back to look again!

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