Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding in Sedona, Arizona!!

So, this weekend brought me to Sedona, Arizona for Brittany and Jared's wedding. Carrie, an aunt of the bride, sneakily shot this picture of me in action. Thanks, Carrie! I've never seen what I look like in action quite so well. More previews to come from the Sedona wedding, Karen's senior portraits, and the wedding in Zachary.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kole & Kristy

Kole and Kristy are some of our best friends from Marble Falls, and they met at our bible study. We knew them separately before they met, which means we get to take some of the credit for setting them up, right?
Anyway, these were just some fun pictures of them together, just dating pictures. I loved capturing their country, laid back style. These pics were taken only a week or two before we moved to Louisiana and never were blogged due to the rush of the move. It's hard to describe how much I miss hanging out with these guys! I've printed one of these pictures for my office.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Some of my all-time favorite artistic pics- which one?

Well, I've moved again, hopefully for the last time in a long time. We moved to a house about 50 yards from our previous house, larger and much nicer with a separate office area. My office has become my haven of inspiration! I have a whole room to cover with anything that inspires me, while I decorate the rest of the house with other things. My dream has always been to decorate a home with my own photographs, and now it's becoming reality. While searching through the stockpile of pictures, a few have stood out as some that I absolutely can't do without in the decorating scheme. The bedroom colors are grey and green, inspired by one of my favorite things to see- a dark storm rolling in during the bright day, creating some of the brightest green hues and warmest colors I've ever experienced. On top of the colors, there's the smell of an oncoming storm, and the feeling of wanting to curl up inside and relax on the comfort of my dry couch.
Here are some of the favorites. Which one should I feature as my largest photo in the bedroom?
1 09 10