Sunday, August 2, 2009


Blog bankruptcy- It's a term I've read on someone else's blog who had become so far behind on blogging that she declared blog bankruptcy. I don't plan to declare blog bankruptcy, but I do plan to begin blogging again, thanks to my faithful readers (Rachel and Trey, for example!) who have asked me about it.

This move has given me quite a blow to my productivity. It's been difficult to keep up with photography as a whole. However, (as you'll see in my next blog) there is now a special someone to help with all the duties... stay tuned to meet her.

On a different note...
In case you didn't know already, am a "practial" animal lover. If I had tons of money to go around and a lot of land, I would probably run a rescue farm for needy dogs, cats, and horses, a place for them to transition while they find a new home. I have been recently considering volunteering photography services at a local animal shelter, but that will have to come with time. My awesome dog, Jolie, (picture included) came from the pound nearly 4 years ago. I found her on She has been the best dog I've ever known. However, had I not found and adopted her, she would have been euthanized. My horse, Tex, was a horse that someone could not afford to feed, and therefore ended up being nearly given away to another girl, who then traded him to me for my other unwanted horse, Spiderman. Please, please, consider very carefully before breeding your horses, and go ahead and spay or neuter your dogs and cats. There are so many other animals out there that need a good home. If you're thinking about breeding your horse, look at the farm/garden section of your local craigslist ( carefully beforehand. If you're delaying spaying/neutering, please look up your dog's breed on to see how many others like him/her need a good home.

I recently went to visit some friends in Arkansas and met their new baby, as well as their entire litter of puppies! These puppies are full brothers and sisters to our border collie/blue heeler, Jade, (in the picture with Jolie) who we just love. Jade was born around last October, and these puppies were born this summer to the same [unneutered] parents.
They were SOOO cute, but the owners are having a hard time getting rid of them. Anyone interested?

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