Thursday, August 13, 2009


Growing up, my family used to watch Johnny Carson on TV in my parents' bedroom. For those who don't know, Johnny Carson was the talk show host who Jay Leno replaced. Johnny Carson used to have a big red curtain that he would step out of to introduce the show, and it was always a big to-do. The announcer would tell about the show, the camera would show the huge red curtain, and the voice in the sky would yell "Heeeeerrrrreeee's JOHNNY!!" Well, drumroll please........ Camera on the red curtain.........Heeeerrreeeeeee's BETH ANN AND LILLY!

Beth Ann, who has a 4 year business degree and lives just down the road from me is the brand new "Photographer's Assistant" at Tara Marie Photography, and Lilly is the "Creative Assistant." Every Tuesday and Thursday morning while Beth Ann pecks hard away at the computer, trying to decipher my notes and keep me organized, Lilly spends her time watching artistic DVD's such as Finding Nemo, drawing pictures for us, and watching the horses and dogs out the window, pointing out their every move.

Beth Ann, who has been working now for only a few weeks, is handling print orders, and she's helping with album ordering and accounting as well. If you have any questions or just want to chat, give her a call anytime between 8 and 12 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the office.

I promise, the red curtain is worth it. Give her a call or email (contact info is on our main website) and you'll find out why!

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