Friday, May 15, 2009

Diana's Wedding- to come

Wedding coming in October- this picture is for my most dedicated blog reader, Diana!

What's been going on lately is that I've been doing LOTS of photo shoots. Today I hit my record of three in one day!

On top of all that, I'm loving my new desktop computer- it's helping me be SO much faster with pictures. But, apparently my printers are not happy with me. They've both called it quits. The brother printer makes a HORRIBLE grinding noise when it comes on. The HP printer has this light on and prints white pages. I think the HP can be fixed with ink. The brother may be a lost cause...... Any suggestions?

And, with all that, a new online ordering system is on the way, but I'm having to learn all about FTP and it's quite a learning curve!! TM

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Diana said...

Tara - I loved meeting you when we were at the lake. And yes, I read your blog often. LOVE to see the pictures and hear about the updates. After you left we all kept saying - I just love her! I'm so excited that she's going to be our photographer. You made us all feel so comfortable and yet we know you'll organize us to do what you want! All good...

On your printers and your new program...I'm a firm believer in utilizing resources. Your new friend Gene is a computer guru! Please email me and let me know what he might be able to do to help. He's also a wiz at finding refurbished equipment at really great prices.

I'm going back to the blog to read and look at more! Keep it coming! Diana

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