Friday, May 1, 2009

Christi & Aaron Wedding

Christi and Aaron's wedding last Saturday was one of the most crazy-fun weddings I've ever been to. In my world, there is fun, and then there's crazy fun. This was definitely the latter of the two. All Christi could tell me during the reception was, "I warned you!" My favorite parts of this wedding were 1. The crazy people, 2. The grand march, and 3.The playlist at the reception. I'm a sucker for Texas country music. I had never seen a grand march before-apparently it's a Czech tradition.
This is a quick preview of the first pics I've worked on- I took a LOT of pictures at this wedding, so this post will have to build as I get the pictures done. TM

The girls played air guitar with their flowers. Christi sounded the best.

Somehow this shot of the guys reminded me of superheros.

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