Friday, May 15, 2009

Diana's Wedding- to come

Wedding coming in October- this picture is for my most dedicated blog reader, Diana!

What's been going on lately is that I've been doing LOTS of photo shoots. Today I hit my record of three in one day!

On top of all that, I'm loving my new desktop computer- it's helping me be SO much faster with pictures. But, apparently my printers are not happy with me. They've both called it quits. The brother printer makes a HORRIBLE grinding noise when it comes on. The HP printer has this light on and prints white pages. I think the HP can be fixed with ink. The brother may be a lost cause...... Any suggestions?

And, with all that, a new online ordering system is on the way, but I'm having to learn all about FTP and it's quite a learning curve!! TM

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ann Marie & Ryan Wedding

A quick preview to Ann Marie and Ryan's gorgeous Texas wedding! It was held in Ann Marie's parents' back yard.

Tiny Pricess commercial shoot

Tiny princess is a company in Marble Falls that creates custom onesies, tutus, bows, and tons of other cute outfits for babies. The owner of Tiny Princess asked me to take some shots of her products, including her gorgeous baby. What's funny is that I actually took the event photos at her baby showers, too! This is her gorgeous little girl and a few of the products she's modeling for us. Tiny Princess items can be found at "It's All About Me" in Marble Falls, or you can contact Tiny Princess directly at

Please note that I definitely don't specialize in baby portraits. This one was an exception because it was a professional shoot for promotional purposes only.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Christi & Aaron Wedding

Christi and Aaron's wedding last Saturday was one of the most crazy-fun weddings I've ever been to. In my world, there is fun, and then there's crazy fun. This was definitely the latter of the two. All Christi could tell me during the reception was, "I warned you!" My favorite parts of this wedding were 1. The crazy people, 2. The grand march, and 3.The playlist at the reception. I'm a sucker for Texas country music. I had never seen a grand march before-apparently it's a Czech tradition.
This is a quick preview of the first pics I've worked on- I took a LOT of pictures at this wedding, so this post will have to build as I get the pictures done. TM

The girls played air guitar with their flowers. Christi sounded the best.

Somehow this shot of the guys reminded me of superheros.

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