Friday, April 3, 2009

Laura & Jason

Laura and Jason had their first date at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Although I had never been there before, I met them there for their engagement session on my way to Magnolia, AR, where I helped with a baby shower for my friend, Casey. Laura and Jason are SUCH a smart and interesting couple, and it was really special to take pictures at the same location where they had their first date. They remembered sitting on that same bench during that date.
Josh and I did a similar thing for our engagement photos. I set my 1st digital camera, the Canon Rebel, on the tailgate of his truck, put it on self-timer, and took our engagement pictures at Tyler State Park, the place where we started dating on a road trip. We later lived in Tyler for 6 months. Those engagement pictures turned out OK, but we should have splurged and had someone else take the pictures!

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