Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kate's graduation postcards

Kate, a personal friend and my professional assistant at times, didn't want to do senior portraits, but her mom decided to make the final decision and set up her appointment. Despite her previous objections, Kate was a PERFECT subject to photograph, and we ended up having a lot of fun in Marble Falls that morning! My favorite thing about Kate is her wittiness (is that a word?)

That reminds me of my favorite quote that Kate said when she was working for me last November and December. She said "That's not very usual. Usual, is that a word?" It still makes me laugh!!!!!

This is Kate's postcard to send to friends and family to announce her graduation. Notice the 4.0 GPA........ :) If you're a graphic designer, interior designer, or even just a person who likes to design, I'd love some feedback on these postcards- good points, and places to improve. TM

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spazfilly said...

The only thing I probably would have done differently would have been to forego the shadow on the boxes. Just a personal preference. Also, you need more leading (space between the lines) between "Egregia Cum Laude" and the line below it. I say that because the g in the top line is almost hitting the parenthesis. Other than that, good job! I especially like the layout of the front. It's a simple and strong presentation of your subject.

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