Friday, April 24, 2009

Donna & John's wedding

Donna and John's wedding was so special last Saturday! It was very laid back, which is always a relief for the photographer. Donna's mom is a wedding planner, recently moved to Horseshoe Bay from Santa Barbara, CA, so of course, the details of the wedding were fabulous! Donna's family were a tight-knit group of Italians, so the food, wine, and company were great. All I can do with this wedding is tell the story.

John and Donna met at a golf tournament in Horseshoe Bay, and got married on the same golf course.

These are Donna's parents. They seemed to be a very close family. I thought this picture was very special.

I loved this picture. This is Donna's daughter, just after the ceremony. Notice John's hand on the right.

The Texas late afternoon sun was just beautiful. It kept everyone warm enough to stay outside.

The wines were popular throughout the night, and it was a family tradition to serve wine at events, apparently...

This is the man who introduced John and Donna! There were some very heartwarming toasts during the reception.

I loved this picture because Joann is such a "take care of it" person. All Donna had to do after the cake cutting is just watch.

The girls doing their thing...

This was the beautiful party from the view across the golf course!

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Nicole said...

Ohh Tara!! You did such a great job! Can't wait to see the other pictures :)

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