Friday, January 23, 2009

Royce's Head shots

Here are some previews of Royce's head shots, as promised. The rest are already uploaded on the site under "online viewing." Take a peek!
I'm so thankful it's Friday! I plan to ride my horse tomorrow!! He recently had his teeth floated (which is, in non-horse terms, when the vet files down the uneven points on the horse's back teeth), and I need to see if it makes a difference in his behavior.
Have a great weekend! TM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emails are working!

The email fairy is visiting my inbox again! Somehow I figured out how to get my emails working. It had something to do with the MX records, whatever that is. I love the help menus and google searches!
I recently did some head shots for an actor, Royce Boswell. He was the "hamburger squish-er" in a Fudrucker's commercial, as well as a driver in the movie "What Matters Most." We had a clean shoot and a dirty shoot, meaning one week he was clean-shaven, and the next week he was somewhat stubbly. My hopes were to capture two different looks for him. Pictures should be up later today.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mailer Deamon for emails

Well, today technology is getting the best of me. I have been switching website info between my domain and email company (GoDaddy) and my hosting company (Bludomain) for the past two days. Somewhere in the process the email account has been messed up. I just learned that all emails being sent to are bouncing back. It could have been going on for nearly 2 days now. Yuck. Well, I've sent emails to both companies to see who may be able to fix the problem. In the meantime, I've switched all contact emails from my website to be sent to my WORKING yahoo account (see the picture). If anyone needs to contact me, or if you've tried to within the past two days, please try again with the yahoo account, and you're also free to call. Contact info is on my website.
Also today I'm getting new chairs for the office! That's the happy part of today.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Improvements to the office

Josh (my wonderful cowboy husband) came today and corralled all of my cords! Putting all sorts of electrical cords in the right places seems like it would be something easy to do, but I know for a fact that he did it in half the time it would have taken me. The office looks SOO much better! I plan to sew the curtains for the closet area this weekend.
Here are the updated pics of the office.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Formal introducton of my family

It occurred to me last Saturday that I've never formally introduced my family on this blog. I have a sweet, manly, cowboy husband named Josh, and we have two horses, Taz and Spiderman, and a dog, Jolie. Taz has been Josh's horse all of his 14 years, and Spiderman has been my horse for 2 years now. He's the one I'm kissing in the picture. Neither are perfect, but we still love them. Josh has won 1st place at 2 playdays (for non-horse people, those are informal rodeos that include only speed events, such as barrel racing) on my horse, Spiderman! I'm working up the courage to go as fast as he does. I've only been riding regularly for 3 years compared to Josh's lifetime legacy. I adopted Jolie from the pound in Athens, TX, and we think that she's an Australian shepherd. Her metabolism is as fast as cold molasses, so she stays large year round, no matter how much we feed her. I had once convinced myself that she only APPEARED large because of her fluffy hair, but this past summer when we shaved her, the hair theory went out the window. Here are some pictures of us taken by friends Nhi and Thao ( in Marble Falls this past November. I REALLY love their work!
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