Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Starring * * * Lauren and Chase * * * Llano, TX

As I'm listening to Mix 94.7 and working on these pictures, I want to begin this blog entry by wishing everyone a bogaliciously safe and fun New Year's Eve. Yes, I made that word up.
The best way I can describe Lauren and Chase's wedding would be in these words: Friend-filled, Fun. I'll always remember the groomsmen sneaking a beer at the reception hall beforehand, the beautiful old church (which seems to be a trend), the nostalgic feeling of Llano itself, the gorgeous light that fell into the windows in the room where the girls were getting ready, the back alley where we took the guys' pictures, the guys going into Joe's bar for drinks just before the wedding, and the DANCING. I always pick out one part of each wedding that is the best I've ever seen. Lauren and Chase did the best 1st dance I've ever seen, and Lauren's parents were the best parent dancers I've ever photographed.
I can't say enough how cool I think the town of Llano, TX is! Everyone should visit at least once to meet some people in cowboy hats and eat some barbecue.
Jen Glynn 2nd shot this wedding with me, and she was a great help. I don't have her pictures in my hands yet, because she's spending time making them right. She's the one who took the pictures of the guys in the bar, and I can't wait to see those.
Here are some of MY favorite pictures, and there will VERY soon be a slideshow on my website under the password "Anderson." I love the picture of the groomsman dancing..:)


Anonymous said...

Great shots! It looks like you had some off-camera flash action going on there too!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I can't wait to see more!

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