Friday, December 12, 2008


Yesterday I went to Llano to find locations to shoot for Lauren and chase's wedding on Dec. 27th. I officially love Llano! Lots of people talked to me, all the elderly men drive big trucks and have deep, ranching-type wrinkles, and everything is old. The church was absolutely gorgeous. The light entered in a way that the beautiful colors from the stained glass windows spilled all over the old hardwood floor. I felt like the holy spirit was right there in that church- just me and it. I changed my mind and entered one of these (the one that shows the entire window) in the photo contest, instead of the boring, yet colorful, leaves.
I found some AWESOME places to shoot outdoors, too. I'm hoping that Lauren and Chase will be willing to do some pictures near the graffiti that says "Love is all you need." Who paints graffiti, anyway? Is anyone out there an undercover graffiti artist? I would like to hire you (under the table of course- I'll pay you in drugs or something) to paint railroad cars for senior picture backdrops.
By the way, I'm searching for an old empty building in or near Marble Falls to shoot in during the winter. Does anyone know of anything? This is a for-real request. I might be willing to trespass, with permission. :)

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Jen said...

How funny! It must be a sixth sense, but I voted for you in the iTunes giftcard contest. I just love old churches and thought the photograher did a great job capturing the beautiful light through the stained glass window. Little did I was your work that I was admiring.

Enjoy your week!

:) jen

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