Friday, December 26, 2008

Facebook, and Birds in "The Star AG"

Tonight, at 1:39 AM, after adding some new Facebook friends, creating new photo albums, and changin my profile, I'm wondering this- what am I supposed to do with old Facebook friends? You know, the ones that you never check their profile, never leave messages, and never comment on their photos, because really and truly, you've lost touch with that person. What then? Does Facebook etiquette require us to clean out our Facebook friends (and photo albums) once a year, or should we let those non-visited profiles linger?

Yesterday I went to the grocery store in Jackson, Louisiana. It's called by word of mouth "The Star AG," but I've never actually seen any of those words, nor a star, on the sign. But, it's the only grocery store in little bitty Jackson, LA, and I had to go and buy food coloring and cake mix for my father-in-law's red velvet Christmas birthday cake, and apple juice for my sickly self. I always get sick when we make the Christmas trip to Louisiana, I think because of the humidity and my intolerance to mold. Anyway, as usual, the grocery store was a bit dirty, the aisles were no more than 5 feet apart, several items were out of stock, I was impressed with the selection of cajun spices and local frozen vegetables, and there were two birds flying around. Yes, birds. The last time I visited "The Star AG" in May there were two large birds flying around. It seems to be quite a happy flying zone for birds. I can't blame them. After hours, there must be a great supply of snacks. What was especially startling, though, was that both times, no out-of-breath employees were chasing the birds with fishing nets, like we used to do in my parents' house when birds would come down the chimney. I heard the cashier make a comment, but no action was taken. Last May I was a bit concerned about the health hazards of the situation, but this time, the flutter of the birds' wings over my head created a slight feeling of nostalgia. It's one of the things that I don't particularly understand, yet love, about South Louisiana. No one tends to overreact about anything.

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