Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Starring * * * Lauren and Chase * * * Llano, TX

As I'm listening to Mix 94.7 and working on these pictures, I want to begin this blog entry by wishing everyone a bogaliciously safe and fun New Year's Eve. Yes, I made that word up.
The best way I can describe Lauren and Chase's wedding would be in these words: Friend-filled, Fun. I'll always remember the groomsmen sneaking a beer at the reception hall beforehand, the beautiful old church (which seems to be a trend), the nostalgic feeling of Llano itself, the gorgeous light that fell into the windows in the room where the girls were getting ready, the back alley where we took the guys' pictures, the guys going into Joe's bar for drinks just before the wedding, and the DANCING. I always pick out one part of each wedding that is the best I've ever seen. Lauren and Chase did the best 1st dance I've ever seen, and Lauren's parents were the best parent dancers I've ever photographed.
I can't say enough how cool I think the town of Llano, TX is! Everyone should visit at least once to meet some people in cowboy hats and eat some barbecue.
Jen Glynn 2nd shot this wedding with me, and she was a great help. I don't have her pictures in my hands yet, because she's spending time making them right. She's the one who took the pictures of the guys in the bar, and I can't wait to see those.
Here are some of MY favorite pictures, and there will VERY soon be a slideshow on my website under the password "Anderson." I love the picture of the groomsman dancing..:)

Monday, December 29, 2008

On the other side of the wedding photographer's camera

When I remember back to my sister's wedding on Friday, Dec. 19th, 2008, I hope to always remember the way the church looked, the food, the live band, and the time spent with family. My sister and I grew up in north Louisiana, but both married boys from south Louisiana, which might as well be another country. She married into a large Catholic family (the Donohue family) from Abbeville, LA, a small town south of Lafayette. The church that housed Sara and Patrick's covenant ceremony was built in 1906 (I believe that's right). It has weathered many years of hurricanes, humidity, and has held thousands of church services. In October, our entire Baptist family had the opportunity to attend the church. Although due to the building's acoustics, I heard very little of the sermon and much of the coughing girl behind me, I thoroughly enjoyed studying the stained glass windows and pondering what each one represented.
I don't know if I've mentioned this or not, but I LOVE food and think about it often. I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to live in south Louisiana for two years to learn to cook some of the cajun classics. Someone once said that you know you are from Louisiana when the food is always disappointing elsewhere. This is extremely true. The best cuisine in any other state has always been second best to anything I've tasted in Louisiana. Some of the most memorable foods from Sara and Patrick's wedding were the corn and crab bisque at the bridesmaids' luncheon at "Mameeze's" house, the crab patties at the rehearsal dinner from Mazen Grill, and the crawfish and seafood dips by Chef Bobby at the wedding reception.
The live band was named "Louisiana Red," and it was a fitting name. They were a hot, entertaining cajun/zydeco band! At one point, the lady singer donned a washboard-looking contraption on her upper torso and began to play it with the rhythm. Josh and I definitely danced a few!
We began meeting with family on Thursday at the bridesmaids' luncheon, continued to the rehearsal, enjoyed breakfast together at the hotel, lunch while getting ready for the wedding, dinner at the reception, and even a brunch the day after the wedding. The Donohues were extremely welcoming to our family, and I felt like another cousin around all of them by the end of the wedding. I had the chance to visit with the Taylor side (my side) at the hotel two mornings in a row, and we all enjoyed telling stories and catching up.

Usually, weddings are routine for me, and this is the first time in a long time that I've attended a wedding and not been the photographer. It was hard.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Facebook, and Birds in "The Star AG"

Tonight, at 1:39 AM, after adding some new Facebook friends, creating new photo albums, and changin my profile, I'm wondering this- what am I supposed to do with old Facebook friends? You know, the ones that you never check their profile, never leave messages, and never comment on their photos, because really and truly, you've lost touch with that person. What then? Does Facebook etiquette require us to clean out our Facebook friends (and photo albums) once a year, or should we let those non-visited profiles linger?

Yesterday I went to the grocery store in Jackson, Louisiana. It's called by word of mouth "The Star AG," but I've never actually seen any of those words, nor a star, on the sign. But, it's the only grocery store in little bitty Jackson, LA, and I had to go and buy food coloring and cake mix for my father-in-law's red velvet Christmas birthday cake, and apple juice for my sickly self. I always get sick when we make the Christmas trip to Louisiana, I think because of the humidity and my intolerance to mold. Anyway, as usual, the grocery store was a bit dirty, the aisles were no more than 5 feet apart, several items were out of stock, I was impressed with the selection of cajun spices and local frozen vegetables, and there were two birds flying around. Yes, birds. The last time I visited "The Star AG" in May there were two large birds flying around. It seems to be quite a happy flying zone for birds. I can't blame them. After hours, there must be a great supply of snacks. What was especially startling, though, was that both times, no out-of-breath employees were chasing the birds with fishing nets, like we used to do in my parents' house when birds would come down the chimney. I heard the cashier make a comment, but no action was taken. Last May I was a bit concerned about the health hazards of the situation, but this time, the flutter of the birds' wings over my head created a slight feeling of nostalgia. It's one of the things that I don't particularly understand, yet love, about South Louisiana. No one tends to overreact about anything.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Yesterday I went to Llano to find locations to shoot for Lauren and chase's wedding on Dec. 27th. I officially love Llano! Lots of people talked to me, all the elderly men drive big trucks and have deep, ranching-type wrinkles, and everything is old. The church was absolutely gorgeous. The light entered in a way that the beautiful colors from the stained glass windows spilled all over the old hardwood floor. I felt like the holy spirit was right there in that church- just me and it. I changed my mind and entered one of these (the one that shows the entire window) in the photo contest, instead of the boring, yet colorful, leaves.
I found some AWESOME places to shoot outdoors, too. I'm hoping that Lauren and Chase will be willing to do some pictures near the graffiti that says "Love is all you need." Who paints graffiti, anyway? Is anyone out there an undercover graffiti artist? I would like to hire you (under the table of course- I'll pay you in drugs or something) to paint railroad cars for senior picture backdrops.
By the way, I'm searching for an old empty building in or near Marble Falls to shoot in during the winter. Does anyone know of anything? This is a for-real request. I might be willing to trespass, with permission. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unknown Thingy-s

I never know quite how much to write on my blog. I don't want you guys to get the whole life story, just in case you don't want that much information, but I also don't want to hold back from me being me. So, I've decided in the future to spill my guts, and if there's too much, leave a comment and let me know if something was TMI. WARNING: I'm extremely random in my thoughts. There will NOT usually be a flow, like a college essay (although I am capable of doing so); it takes too much editing, and I want to share what's on my mind without editing too much.

These pictures are for the Austin Photographers' group (on facebook) photo contest. The objective was to go out and take a picture of something we see on a random day, not anything we do during a scheduled photo shoot. So, I took 15 minutes out of my day and visited downtown Marble Falls, which is about 1/2 mile from my office. It was a windy day in December, and I couldn't get over how beautiful the yellow leaves were on the trees. I also found it ironic that it's December, and the leaves were still clinging dutifully to the tree, despite the strong winds.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tomiko and Governor

Tomiko and Governor's wedding was one of the most special and heart-warming ones I have ever been to. Here is a preview of some of my favorite photos. Nick Soefje was my assistant photographer, but his pictures will come later. I was so excited to do a wedding at a vineyard!
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