Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trevor's seniors

This has nothing to do with Trevor. Hi folks, it's me again, Margaret. Has anyone seen that Ray Stevens video? As the holiday season approaches (tomorrow), I remember watching that video at my Granny's house, along with several other Ray Stevens music videos. That one stands out because the "It's me again, Margaret. Are you NEKKKKEEEEDD?" quote has stood the test of time in my family and in my mind. It makes me laugh every time I hear it. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Are you NEKKKKKEEEDDD?

OK, back to photos. I've known Trevor for almost 3 years, and he's awesome. Trevor is seriously the smartest young guy I've ever met (second only to my friend Drew, who wrote a book while going through law school). I asked Trevor while driving to our location what his hardest class was, and he couldn't tell me an answer. That's because NONE of them are hard for him! When you get to know Trevor, his sense of humor is what I like best. He always makes me laugh.


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