Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sue and Cody

This past May, my long-awaited yearling colt, Cajun, given to me as a wedding present by my inlaws, came up lame (for non-horse people, he was limping). We assumed it was a temporary soreness and left it at that. In June, the week after his 1 year birthday, we took him on his 2nd trailer ride ever to the vet, only to learn the worst- he had a broken shoulder. Complying with the vet's strong recommendations, Cajun was put down on June 10th, 2008. It was a heartbreaking decision. He was technically my first horse.
In early September, a friend of mine, Mrs. Sue, asked me to come and take pictures of her and her 30-year-old buckskin blanket appaloosa, Cody, who had been her event horse for over 20 years. Cody had cancer, and she knew that it wouldn't be long until he would have to be put down. In early October, the cancer ruptured, and they were given 3 days until D-day. I went out that Sunday afternoon with, thanks to my experience with Cajun, an understanding of how Mrs. Sue must have felt. A friend took some pictures of me with Cajun the day of his departure from this earth, and I will always treasure those pictures. The bond between a person and their one horse is a strong one. I hoped to capture a bit of that bond in the pictures. TM

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