Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Computer update and Natalie's Senior Portraits

It turns out that the good old PC needs a new hard drive. I'm taking advantage of this and upgrading to a larger hard drive in the process. I expect for things to be back to normal by around Monday. As for now, I'm using my husband's mac laptop, minus photoshop.
The PC worked just long enough for me today to move all files that I had worked on recently to the external hard drive. It also gave me just enough time to edit a few of Natalie's senior portraits from a couple weeks ago. She and her mom wanted quite different photos, and that made me very happy to try some new locations and ideas!! Apparently, though, a faulty hard drive does crazy stuff to your computer files too! I'll have to upload more later after I can get photoshop back.

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Gonzalinho said...

hello, how are you?
I was looping your photos… nice
And you too…
I`d like to meet you

Sorry, by my english, I am from Bolivia (southamerica) so, I speak Spanish

Well, I send you a kiss


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