Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Car!!

I've been driving a huge GMC diesel truck for over 1.5 years, and it was time to own a car again! The truck had a zero turn radius, and I don't mean 0 turn radius- I mean NO turn radius at all. It was impossible to part at the post office, anywhere in Austin, and pretty much anywhere except Wal-Mart (I do enjoy shoping there, by the way). The truck (named Casey) was almost the longest vehicle you can imagine- long wheel base, crew cab, and a ball hitch on the back that stuck out about 5 more inches. It was a dream vehicle to me, but became more impractical as I worked less with the horses and more with Tara Marie Photography. I couldn't even see over the steering wheel! I'm only 5'3", and had to always sit on a folded blanket to avoid seeing only the windshield wipers instead of the road.
All that being said, I've shopped and shopped for a new car, and finally found one that I liked a lot and that was within our budget! Mine and Josh's lists for desireable traits in a car were quite different. Here is an example:
Josh: Power, cruise control, comfortable seat. Tara: Pretty, gold, silver, or red, at least 30 mpg.
Sooo, after much searching and MANY late night discussions, we found the 2005 Nissan Altima 4 cylinder in Spicewood, TX at Browning and Company http://www.browningandcompany.com/
I love it! It drives wonderfully, gets over 30 mpg, has a very spacious trunk and back seat, is pretty, has POWER, has a great sound system, and a cd player. Now I'm ready to possibly purchase an Ipod????
Bye bye, Casey Truck. Hello unnamed Nissan!

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