Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vacation and Senior Portraits

Vacation time, at last! We're spending time in East Texas, camping with our not-so-effective air mattress, sleeping a lot in the hammock during the day. This is our annual camping trip to Milam. During this time, I always try to learn a new photoshop trick, write in my journal, and make new goals. It seems like August is always the beginning of my fiscal year, although it's hardly fiscal.
Senior portrait sessions are now available! Email me ( or call to set up your time. I love doing senior portraits!!! Be back soon, TM

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kid portraits

Every picture tells a story, and these definitely could tell one! The kids were happy for the first, oh, 5 minutes of the photo shoot. The rest of the time they were being bribed with playing, jelly beans, and cinnamon rolls. They were so cute when they were "fishing", and for a moment we thought that one of them was going to jump into the water. With kids, I never know quite what to expect from the pictures...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kim's family pics

Kim's family photo shoot last Saturday evening at Applehead Island was quite an adventure! There were about 5 crazy teenagers, ready to do anything. It was a ton of fun. We used the pool area for most of the pictures. I won't ever schedule a photo shoot that late again, because light was running out fast. However, I think the pictures still turned out great. I'm starting to offer sets of 3 square black and white prints to be hung diagonally. Here is the preview of that set. Comment and tell me what you like/don't like about them! The grandparents of the family were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I especially liked the picture of them smiling at each other. It takes quite a bit of love to stay together for 50 years!
PS Still loving the nameless Nissan. I'm ready for a satellite radio!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Car!!

I've been driving a huge GMC diesel truck for over 1.5 years, and it was time to own a car again! The truck had a zero turn radius, and I don't mean 0 turn radius- I mean NO turn radius at all. It was impossible to part at the post office, anywhere in Austin, and pretty much anywhere except Wal-Mart (I do enjoy shoping there, by the way). The truck (named Casey) was almost the longest vehicle you can imagine- long wheel base, crew cab, and a ball hitch on the back that stuck out about 5 more inches. It was a dream vehicle to me, but became more impractical as I worked less with the horses and more with Tara Marie Photography. I couldn't even see over the steering wheel! I'm only 5'3", and had to always sit on a folded blanket to avoid seeing only the windshield wipers instead of the road.
All that being said, I've shopped and shopped for a new car, and finally found one that I liked a lot and that was within our budget! Mine and Josh's lists for desireable traits in a car were quite different. Here is an example:
Josh: Power, cruise control, comfortable seat. Tara: Pretty, gold, silver, or red, at least 30 mpg.
Sooo, after much searching and MANY late night discussions, we found the 2005 Nissan Altima 4 cylinder in Spicewood, TX at Browning and Company
I love it! It drives wonderfully, gets over 30 mpg, has a very spacious trunk and back seat, is pretty, has POWER, has a great sound system, and a cd player. Now I'm ready to possibly purchase an Ipod????
Bye bye, Casey Truck. Hello unnamed Nissan!

Lara Weber Family

Lara's family was fun to photograph! Grace had some funny looks on her face when she grew tired of taking pictures. All the family members were quite enjoyable to work with this past Saturday morning. My favorite picture is the one in sepia tones. The serious looks on their faces somehow appeal to me. TM

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