Friday, March 28, 2008

Night owl?

Man am I a night owl! It is 12:38 am, and I'm still awake, having a great time, still playing with music for the website. Today I learned how to create mp3's from the wma format, all while editing Kharissa's bridal portraits....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kharissa & Nick

Kharissa and Nick met me in Bertram last week for some sweet engagement portraits. They were fun to work with - an intelligent couple, too. Here is a preview for both of them and their family. I want so badly to upload a few of Kharissa's gorgeous bridals, but sorry Nick, no peeks. I'll post a few after the wedding in June.
P.S. We're thinking of calling the baby horse Dash. He went out into the corral yesterday for the first time and man was he fast!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jennifer's senior portraits and choosing music

Well, since I'm sitting here in the office with Taylor trying to pick the most amazing songs ever for my website, I thought I'd go ahead and load some more pics! These are a few from Jennifer Seyfried's senior portrait session at the Austin Dog Park. We didn't exactly KNOW that it was a dog park...... So in short, there were a million dogs and their owners running around, and my head was definitely attacked by an overjoyous puppy during the photo shoot. It was so cute. So was Jennifer. The end.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Baby Horse born March 10th

Josh (my husband) and I work together at Camp Peniel Christian Camp. He is the head wrangler, and I'm his part-time assistant wrangler. Last fall a family donated some mares to our horse program, and by December, we realized that one of them was expecting. We didn't know exactly when the baby would be born, but it came last Monday, March 10th! I was so excited and took WAY too many pictures. Here are some of the cutest. The best part was watching the baby stand up for the first time-- he fell lots of times before he actually found his feet. Horses' canon bones in their legs are nearly (if not completely) their full length when the babies are born, so their legs are terribly awkward to get used to!
No name yet for this little quarter horse boy....

Texas Skies

I was driving home on FM 1431 the other day when I noticed the wind pick up and these clouds gathering. Sometimes these storms can be violent, so my first impulse was to hurry home and miss the weather. However, the lighting on the hay field at Cimmaron Ranch road was too tempting! I pulled over and took these.
1 09 10