Wednesday, August 30, 2017

"Fancy Camera" Photography Workshop

Do you have a "big fancy camera" that you haven't really learned how to use very well? Are you struggling to consistently get better pictures with your "fancy camera?"

A few years ago, a friend of mine had a digital SLR camera and was having trouble figuring it out, and she wanted me to teach her how to use it. I hear this story all the time, of people who have nice cameras sitting in their closet because they're just not getting the results they want consistently. I was there, y'all! 12  years ago I stood in those shoes. There wasn't a lot of youtube back then, so I was reading the manual, doing a lot of trial and error, and figuring it out myself.

If you'd rather jump start your camera skills instead of spending hours on youtube and getting frustrated, check out our "Fancy Camera" Photography Workshop, on Sunday, Sept. 17th, from 3-6:30  in St. Francisville. LA.

I (Tara) will lecture for a little while with a slideshow, and then we'll stop in between to take some pictures and practice what we're learning. We'll cover the basics of how to take better pictures from the inside out. This includes learning to "see" better pictures, your camera's capabilities, and equipment recommendations. We'll introduce lighting situations and looking at your location/background. We'll also briefly introduce photo organization and editing software, although this workshop has a big focus on making your camera's settings work for you instead of against you.

Past participants have really enjoyed this workshop!

A digital SLR camera (the kind that that will let you change lenses and settings) or a mirrorless camera is  required. Workshop includes class notes and a light snack. Bring a pen and notebook, your camera, charged battery, and any lenses you'd like to use.  Bring a friend if you'd like! Each participant is $95.

Questions? Call us at  225-634-7229, or email me at  Ready to do it?

Register online HERE.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Best Kiss during the Ceremony Award goes to...

 Whitney and Bodie win the award for "best kiss during ceremony!"

It has been such a wet summer here in Louisiana, and thank goodness for our indoor plantation venues that are available!  This wedding at Greenwood Plantation was no exception. The ceremony continued on the porch, and the guests simply raised their umbrellas and enjoyed the show.

Whitney and Bodie have quite a history of riding horses and spending time in the country together. They're both from North Louisiana and South Arkansas, but they ended up getting married at this St. Francisville plantation because of Whitney's love for old plantation history. She came to Greenwood to visit years ago, and had always dreamed of getting married here. The venue, especially with its newest renovations, did not disappoint.

I later learned that both Whitney, Bodie, and many of their friends who were in the wedding attended the same college as I did- Southern Arkansas University! It was kind-of neat to reminisce and talk to people from that area.

That look that the groom gets on his face when he gets a great wedding day gift, compiled by the bride and the photographer... ;)

Here's another one- it started like this and then got lower!
Those daddy/daughter songs are a killer.
Venue- Greenwood Plantation
DJ - Geaux Live DJ
Flowers - Laurie Collins (friend)
Dress - Happily Ever After Shreveport

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Monica and Patrick's New Roads Wedding

Monica and Patrick's wedding was a simple daytime mass. She and her girls got ready at her mom's house while the guys finished up their final touches at the church, St. Mary's in New Roads.
I have these same Ariat boots that Monica got married in. They are super comfortable!

The girls wrote on notecards how they knew Monica.

What a pretty church St. Mary's is, and many of my brides who get married here, their parents and siblings also married in this church.
I'm always trying to think of different ways to photograph the wedding party. The plain old standing-in-front-of-the-church gets boring.

Everyone seemed anxious to be at the front of the line to put all the rice possible on Monica and Patrick.

Um, yes, the jeep was pretty sweet.

Congratulations, Monica and Patrick!

Most of her vendors are local people from new roads that do this as hobbies, and her family and friends did all the decorating, but here are the vendors we know.
Venue: St. Mary of False River, New Roads
Reception Venue: False River Country Club
Got ready at: Her parents' house, Brenda Debetaz
Dress: Gabrielle's Bride,  Baton Rouge
Catering: June Smith
Hair and Makeup: Jenny Arceneaux
Choir: St. Mary of False River, New Roads
Priest: Monsignaur Berggreen
Rings: Patrick's Jewelry

Monday, June 5, 2017

A laugher-filled, concert styled backyard wedding (Jenn and Fitz,4-22-17)

Occasionally, I'll have wedding clients who don't want to do any of the traditional posed wedding pictures, and instead of covering that like a wedding, I get to photograph it like an event. It's very different, and more artistic, than my usual wedding coverage, and I enjoy it a lot.  This was one of those. 

Jenn and Fitz's friends and family gathered in a Louisiana back yard from many corners of the United States to celebrate their wedding weekend. Although it was a smaller group, it was obvious that each guest was dear to Jenn and Fitz, and they seemed to spend time with each and every one of them.

During the ceremony, the officiant called out the different states that people had traveled from, and and each group did a cheer.

As Jenn walked down the isle, during the silence with only the music going, she suddenly waved and said "Hi, everybody!" I'm not sure who the officiant was, but obviously he was a friend and a jokester. As he was describing the rings, he said some comments about "rings are meant to be on your hands for years of tender touches" that made everyone laugh really hard.

Jenn and Fitz themselves live in Washington State, but he is from Louisiana, so they traveled to his home town for the backyard wedding- the same back yard where Emma and Stephan had their reception.

Jenn has an infectious laughter, and she and Fitz didn't want to waste time taking pictures or doing the wedding formalities. They simply mingled, hugged, danced, and visited the entire night.

Jenn and Fitz obviously highly value music, family, and especially friends. The band was fabulous the entire night. The reception felt more like an outdoor concert that you attend with your best friends, which is fitting since the couple met at The Gorge during a concert.

What a wonderful night of simply celebrating it was. Thank you both for letting me be a small part of this!

  This puppy of theirs was a hit throughout the night with his tux on.

Dress: Maggie Sottero couture purchased from I Do Bridal; Seattle- they are awesome!
Shoes/ Accessories:Shoes: Chloe
Earnings; Adorn Studio by Loren Peters, Portland, OR
Hat: Pinkham millinery by Dayna Pinkham, Portland, OR
Rings: have to check with the hubby
Catering: Heirloom Cuisine
Cakes: Nanette out of Baton Rouge
Florist: Herromans
Music/band: Dave Jordan and the NIA
Bar: Heirloom cuisine (labor) ; liquor provided by family member
Other: Kevin Couhig; wedding coordinator extraordinaire!
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